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#155: The Number One NON-Technical Component You Must Prepare For Your Virtual Summit


We take a look at a unique summit that overcame the far too common challenge of speakers not promoting. Find out how Kole dug down deep and used a pure hustle strategy to absolutely crush what would have otherwise been a bombed summit. Plus learn the number one non technical component that you MUST be planning for when creating a Virtual Summit. All that and more on today’s episode. 


Contributing Factors In The Success Of Their Summit

     ✔️     Do your research

  • Find out the bestselling authors of books that resonated with her

  • Read the comments



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#154: Advanced Interview Tips for Handling Challenging Speakers


Sometimes, speakers can be a real pain in the rear. But instead of just throwing in the towel and giving up, let’s talk about some expert tips for handling difficult speakers. This could be the difference between an impactful interview or a BORING one. Let’s get started.


Fundamental Interview Tips

     ✔️     Always remember who you are serving (Act as if your audience is there)

     ✔️     Make them Look like the expert

     ✔️     Be present

     ✔️     Listen with curiosity

     ✔️     Go in with the attitude of learning



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#153: When To Take Control Back Of Your Summit From A Summit Team


Monica Bijoux walks us through her success and challenges during her Virtual Summit.  Specifically how to handle a speaker who is not living up to their original agreements, and why being in charge of your summit may be the best thing for your brand.  All that and more on today’s episode. 


Advantages Of Pre-recording Your Summits

     ✔️     You can edit whenever you make mistakes

     ✔️     You can edit when your speakers make mistakes or make unnecessary noise

     ✔️     You don’t have to worry about doing so much editing later



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#152: How To Prep Your Speaker For Their Interview


The outcome of your interview depends on YOU the summit host, not the speaker. Don’t leave your success up for chance. Own it using these strategies I’ll cover today to prep your speaker!


Happy Birthday Dr. Mark!!!


Different Types Of Interviews

     ✔️     Traditional Q&A Interview

  • Pro:  Easier to get speakers, you have control, build relationships

  • Cons: so many of these, depends on you to make it great.

     ✔️     Presentation Based Interview

  • Pros: Much easier for host.  More perceived value

  • Cons: Less speakers agree to it, can’t control outcome, no relationship



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#151: How To Find Your Perfect Audience Through Virtual Summits


Christina Wessendorf found her perfect audience through the process of creating 3 different summits. Through challenges, and struggles she was able to overcome and create summits that made a difference in her audiences lives while allowing her to get her message out to more people. Plus the one critical mistake that she warns all summit hosts to be cautious about. All that and more on today’s episode.

Challenge On Her First Summit And How She Dealt With It

     👉     Losing all her interviews

  • Reached out to the speakers, admitted her mistake, asked for another interview

  • Asked her tribe to encourage her and look for alternative speakers

  • Gave it her best to deliver her promise to her audience



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#150: Special Episode: Here Is Exactly What You Can Accomplish


More than a hundred thousand leads generated and over a million dollars accumulated by our summit tribe. Today is all about how awesome you are!  And I’m excited to celebrate you!


Celebrating Our 150th Episode!!!


Dr. Mark's Favorite Stories

  1. Jim Ross

  • Episode 093

  • After listening to the podcast and going through one of our programs, he was able to host the first ever self-storage virtual summit

  • He took a brick and mortar industry and provided a virtual summit around it



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#149: How To Go From a New Business To CRUSHING it in 6 months


If you are just getting started you can either go the traditional route of building a business, which is super slow and usually costly and full of stress. Or you can use this simple plan and be crushing it in less than 6 months. Let’s check it out. 


Most Common Mistake New Business Owners Make

     ➡️     Trying to focus on creating sales


Typical Ways Of Building An Audience

      👉     Facebook ads

      👉     Create a partnership with someone and do some partner webinars on some collaborative back and forths

      👉     Organically



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#148: Why Practice Makes Perfect As A Summit Speaker


OG Lady Boss Krista Goodrich talks us through her strategies as a summit speaker to getting on more summits, and how to ensure your talks are engaging for your audience. Check out her episode on the Virtual Summit Podcast.  


Where To Look For Summits

     ✔️     Social media


How To Position Yourself

     ➡️     You have to have an interesting story

     ➡️     Find what makes you stand out




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#147: Selecting Your Summit Topic, Name, & Title


One of the most challenging aspects for a Summit Host is narrowing down their summit idea into a powerful summit name & title.  Most don’t even know the difference.  Yet this one single  aspect could be the cause of success or the demise of your summit.  So let’s get super clear on it right now.



Summit Name

     👉     Needs to be clear, and catchy

     👉     You want it to sound cool, interesting, and/or give you a little authority

     👉     Don’t go crazy with it and call it something completely off the wall or confusing

     👉     Go clear, fun and powerful




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#146: Behind The Scenes of a Hybrid Summit and Virtual Livestream Workshop with Tucker Max


Tucker Max talks us through his recent Live Streaming Workshop-Summit hybrid.  Things that worked well, things that didn’t and how you can implement this specialized virtual event into your brand or business. Note this is an explicit episode as Tucker plays full out all the time! Get ready to level up!



Tucker's Workshop Layout

     👉     Non-fiction books - Monday, Tuesday

     👉     Memoir - Wednesday

     👉     2 hour Q and A -  Thursday, Friday




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#145: Newbie Consultation - How To Use a Breaking News Theme To Create Momentum In Your Community


Join us for this one on one consultation with Dr. Holly Tucker as we dig into her summit idea & craft the perfect strategy for her to create massive impact in her tribe. We talk about using a “Breaking News” strategy combined with a press release to her local traditional media outlets to get even more attention into her summit while increasing her authority in her community. That and more on today’s episode of the Virtual Summit Podcast.


Dr. Holly's Goals

     👉     Create a legacy

     👉     Have something there that doesn't have to be one-on-one

     👉     That people could learn from me and get my resources in a different format



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