December 21, 2020


#192: How An Application Funnel Created A Six FigureSummit!



Jon Schumacher takes us deep into his annual virtual summit and how this new strategy created mega monetization.  See what worked, what didn’t, and how Jon continues to uplevel his summit strategy each year.  All this and more on this episode of the Virtual Summit Podcast

About Jon Schumacher


Jon Schumacher is a webinar coach, webinar consultant, webinar expert, and online marketing advisor. His clients have earned millions of dollars in sales using webinars.


Jon is the President of Marketing Mastery Media INC a digital marketing consultancy focused on sales, marketing, and training webinars for companies of all sizes. He's also the host of the Webinar Mastery Summit, the largest online webinar conference. He has hosted over 400 webinars in the past six years. He's been featured or mentioned on large publications such as the Huffington Post, Entrepreneur, Fox News, and the Good Men Project.

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Tips On Joint Ventures

     👉     Build relationships

     👉    A great way to meet people online, if you're new, is become the reporter

     👉     Build relationships through interview content

     👉     Invite people into your world and then keep track of those relationships

     👉     Build relationships with people that are a few steps ahead of you in your industry

  • Give an ask

  • See what they're doing

  • See if you can support them

     👉     Join mastermind groups

     👉     If they like you, they’ll help promote you

     👉     The key is just relationship building consistently over time

     👉     Be willing to support other people if you don't have a big list to start with so you can reciprocate in that

     👉     Don't be afraid to make asks and invite people into what you're doing


Application Funnel

     ✔️     Anybody who upgraded for the pass was given to chance to watch a short presentation about Jon’s services and then book a call if they would like

     ✔️     They went from a scheduling page with a little bit about Jon’s services to a questionnaire

     ✔️     Then then to what Jon calls a pre-frame page, which is kind of a specialty to the type of funnel that he runs

  • These are posts between the time where they book and fill in the questionnaire to the time they speak on the sales call

  • It is a page that talks about what to do before the call

  • There are links to case studies, authority content like speeches he’s given at conferences, and a video that kind of preps them on to expect on the call and about their services

How To Filter Out Clients

     ➡️     Capture minimal information first with an application funnel

  • Get their name, get their phone number, get their email

     ➡️     Direct them to a questionnaire

  • It really comes down to what questions do you need to ask them to qualify them

  • Ask them where they are in business

     ➡️     If they are not the best fit for you, you can just politely cancel

     ➡️     You can create canned emails

  • Example: Hey, and I got your application, uh, you know, thank you for taking the time to fill it out. Based on what you shared, it doesn't look like it would be a good fit right now, based on the cost of our services. Here's a few things you can look at.

     ➡️     Down sell them into a training course or whatever you want to do from there

     ➡️     Give them a range of your services

     ➡️     Based on their answers from your questionnaire, that gives you a good amount of information, whether you want to take the phone call or not


Final Piece Of Wisdom From Jon

     "I think it's probably cliche, but it's true. Like what got you here won't get you there. Every master was once a disaster. All the cliches, they're true. If you're newer at this, which I know most of you probably are listening, because not everybody's doing these summits, but if you're looking to explode as an authority into your space, there really isn't much of a better way to do that. Sure you're going to have the fears that I had when I started my first summit back in 2016, can I get people to attend? Will people promote it? Is it going to be a success and worth the time and struggle? But it will. And to Mark's point, commit to doing an annual conference. Look, imagine yourself in your industry. How many relationships you're going to build? How much of an audience you're going to build, email and social?


How much revenue you're going to generate? If you commit to doing a summit for 10 years in a row in your niche, like if you want to be an authority in thyroidism or something like that in the health space, you could be literally one of the top influencers in that space over the course of a few years, if you'll commit to the process. So it takes work, but every good thing takes work. That work is the barrier between those that are your competitors that are sort of mediocre and hanging back, versus you, who are accelerating. That work is that barrier that propels you ahead of other people because you're willing to do it. So I would say, just don't let your fear stop you. If you're committed to this, commit to it for a few years and you'll see results."


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