March 2, 2020


#124: From TeleSummit To Virtual Summit Here's The Pros & Cons.



    Cheryl Moses being an early adopter hopped into the summit space with her first telesummit creating great brand awareness and relationships with her speakers. Hear the lessons learned as she transitioned from telesummits to virtual summits and all the insights in between. That and more on today’s episode. 

    About Cheryl Moses


    Cheryl J. Moses is a Brand Strategist and Manager to ambitious entrepreneurs who are ready to confidently scale up and build a profitable business using the web.


    Cheryl has been on the internet developing brands, websites, SEO and social media for 10 years. She helps corporations, CEOs, small businesses, authors, speakers or coaches co-create a digital brand strategy that attracts, connects and converts. She also helps clients around the world develop a full branded website presence and strategy to attract ideal clients, rise above their competitors, and reach their ideal market with their message.

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      Pros And Cons Of Telesummits

           ✅      Pro

      • You get to pre-record and set it up as if it’s a live broadcast

           ❌     Con

      • No outside connection with audience

      Pros And Cons Of Summits

           ✅      Pros

      • Helps you position yourself in the marketplace

      • You get to interact more with your audience and vice versa

      • Your audience gets to engage with you more

      • You know who’s watching you

      • Positions you to have speaking opportunities

           ❌     Cons

      • Need faster internet speed

      • Don’t have a lot of audio breaks


      Getting Speakers To Promote

           👉     Communicate with them


      Advice For Summit Newbies

           ❇️     Have some direction with the summit

           ❇️     Make sure you have the theme

           ❇️     Make sure you know what your goal is for the summit and make sure your experts know too

           ❇️     Have an agreement in place and make sure everybody signs the agreement

           ❇️     Make sure you have just all the moving pieces together (Landing pages, graphics)

           ❇️     Make sure they're high quality

           ❇️     Don't skimp on anything

           ❇️     Communicate with your experts, make sure they know how important it is for them to promote

           ❇️     Make sure that all your ducks are in a row


      Advice On Branding In Summits

           ➡️     Don’t go too broad

           ➡️     If you do go too broad, you'll get a whole bunch of people on your email list that really don't want what you have to offer

           ➡️     It's important to know what your position is  because you want to target the experts that have your audience

           ➡️     Make sure you know your messaging first

           ➡️     When you're growing your email list, you want to present offers to people that want to buy what you have


      Parting Wisdom From Cheryl

           "Definitely get some help. Keep your mind at ease. If you can get somebody to handle all those moving parts and you just show up for the interview, great. If not, get somebody to do half the work. You can do the other half or however you want to do it, but just really get some help. Make sure your messaging is clear, your theme is clear, your topics are there and just convey that to your experts and let them know how important it is for them to promote and how important it is for them to show up. And if they can't show up and give them a time period as to when they can let you know. If they can't show up, give them a certain amount of hours or a certain amount of days and let you know, I can't show up. This is if you're doing a virtual summit, because you need to be able to fill that slot in with something, you know, even if it's your own presentation. So, just kind of make it easier for yourself. Don't make it harder because it doesn't have to be."



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        I want to end this episode by saying,


        "I believe in YOU & YOU can do this."


        Summits are by far one of the most powerful ways to quickly grow your list, launch your platform & make more money! (Even if you are just getting started).

        Don’t get caught up in Analysis paralysis, because the world needs to hear your message & there are people who are waiting for you to help them. 


        So just get started.  Imperfect action is always better than doing nothing!

        Thank you and see you on the next episode!



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