January 3, 2020


#107: Why One-Day Summits Are The Future Of Summits



    Summit Coordinator Sasha talks us through her strategies of using One-Day Summits & micro summits to boost your business, especially if you are brand new in online biz world. Plus hear why she believes the One-Day Summit is the future of summits, and why you don’t want to miss out! All that and more on the Virtual Summit Podcast. 

    About Sasha Bytchoff


    Sasha is a Virtual Event Strategist helping business owners leverage virtual events, taking their businesses to a whole new level within a short period of time.


    She has worked on, advised, or hosted virtual events (summits, conferences, webinars), across a variety of niches, from marketing, financial management, to baby sleep, and more. She has seen virtual events work wonders for a variety of businesses, even ones starting from scratch.


    Given her expertise and the recent developments in the online world, she has developed the perfect formula for boosting your business’s growth. No more complex strategies or endless hours of content creation. 

    Reach Out To Sasha Bytchoff

      Sasha Hosted Summits For 2 Reasons

      1. Her own interest and experience in the subject 

      2. She was getting a lot of questions from clients about hosting virtual summits

      Best Strategies In Doing Summits

           ➡️     Niche down

           ➡️     Focus on the target audience

           ➡️     Get the customers that:

      • Are interested in you and your message

      • That stayed with you

      • That become your super fans 

      • That fueled your business

      Knowing And Nurturing Your Audience

           👉     Get to know them really well

           👉     Take your time

           👉     Start with personal conversations

           👉     Talk to real people

           👉     Ask them their problems

           👉     Pay attention to the language

           👉     Pay attention to their emotions, how they react

           👉     Find out where they hang out

           👉     Ask questions

           👉     Provide value

           👉     Nurture them before the events

           👉     Give them live small training

           👉     Give them little snapshots with the speakers before the event

           👉     Give them a taste of what it's going to be like

           👉     You can even have prizes

      Advice For Beginning Summit Hosts

           ❇️     Figure out your tech

           ❇️     Figure out your audience

           ❇️     Outline a few potential speakers

           ❇️     Think about the date

      How To Market The One-Day Summit

           ➡️     Know where the market is hanging out

      • Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn

           ➡️     Create initial buzz

      • Start 3 weeks before the summit

      • If you start at 4 weeks, people will forget

      • 2 weeks is too short

      • Talk about yourself and your experience

      • Mention the summit

      • If you have an email list, you should have an email sequence 

           ➡️     Once people get onboard, use Facebook groups to continue momentum

      • Facebook group is very powerful

      • Easy way to get momentum

      • Easy way to get people excited

      • Gets people to remember you after the event

           ➡️     If you’re using Facebook ads, start 2 weeks in advance

      • If you have budget and experience in using it, use it

      • If you don't, don't use it because they're not going to bring much for you

           ➡️     Speakers are another great marketing tool

      • Get to know your speakers

           ➡️     Leverage the tools that you have

           ➡️     You have to be on time

           ➡️     Be smart about it

           ➡️     One-Day summits can fit easily into your business strategy

      • When you plan one, think about what’s going to be at the end of your summit

      Effective Monetization In Summits

           ✔️     Knowing your audience

           ✔️     Get your website copy right

           ✔️     Use countdown timers and bump offers

           ✔️     Get your pricing right

           ✔️     Bonus materials of the speakers

           ✔️     Provide value during the event

      Post Summit Strategies

           ❇️     Make it evergreen

           ❇️     Membership sites

           ❇️     Create summit calendar


      Strategies In Making The Summits Successful

           ✔️     Take your time in planning the event

           ✔️     Choose one or two goals

      • Just focus on one, the others will follow anyway

      • If you do it right, you get revenue

      • If you do it right, you get great relationships with speakers

      Advice From Sasha

      "Make sure the event is part of your whole business approach. If you want to plan a summit, do it short, sweet, very focused and make sure you do something with it afterwards, that it just doesn't stand alone as one event that happened, gain you some revenue and happy with it. Make sure it gives you money again, again and again."

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        I want to end this episode by saying,


        "I believe in YOU & YOU can do this."


        Summits are by far one of the most powerful ways to quickly grow your list, launch your platform & make more money! (Even if you are just getting started).

        Don’t get caught up in Analysis paralysis, because the world needs to hear your message & there are people who are waiting for you to help them. 


        So just get started.  Imperfect action is always better than doing nothing!

        Thank you and see you on the next episode!



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