December 23, 2019


#102: Building Empires With Virtual Summits & How You Can Do It Too



    Summer Bock has built an empire starting back to her first summit. Now having hosted 3 successful Virtual Summits she shows us how she creates exceptional user experience, lifts up speakers, and provides summits as a resource not as a list grab. She also talks about a current trend that is tarnishing the summit space. Find out how you can build your empire with summits just like Summer in this episode of the Virtual Summit Podcast

    About Summer Bock


    Summer Bock is a Fermentationist and founder of Guts & Glory, an online company dedicated to providing clients with the knowledge and actionable skills to heal their digestive issues naturally. Her practice is based on the premise that good health starts in the gut. She is a trained herbalist with a background in microbiology and is certified by Columbia University in Integrative Nutrition. Her online group programs have a reputation for having a highly engaging and fun community atmosphere. Amidst the abundant and often conflicting health info out there, you need to be informed to make good decisions so you can become stronger and more energetic.


    Summer is a master at 'the why' behind making changes in your diet and lifestyle. Whether you take her Probiotic Power Cleanse, Gut Rebuilding, or the Fermentationist Certification Program, you'll enjoy making gut healing accessible while clearing up the confusion about probiotics and fermented foods.

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      Summer's Summits

           ❇️     Gut Rebuilding Experts

           ❇️     Better Belly Project 1 and 2


      Tips On Reaching Out To Speakers

           ➡️     An introduction through someone else can be very effective

           ➡️     Make sure you’ve created a mission

           ➡️     Ask the speaker to be on board with the mission


      Creating A Mission

           ✔️     Create a mission for each summit not about your business

           ✔️     Create a mission that’s compelling

           ✔️     Go into a very specific sentence about the speaker

           ✔️     Make the last sentence about the speaker


      Trends On Summits That You Should NOT Do

           ❌     Using a summit to build your list

           ❌     Creating summits purely as list build and not as a resource for people

           ❌     Not using the option to have recordings that you can buy


      How To Build A Resource For People

           👉     Have a mission

           👉     Think about it as a real event

           👉     Look at where the holes are, what topics to be discussed

           👉     Think about how to cover the whole mission in a way that represents what you stand for and helps drive home your message through other people's interviews

           👉     Create tracks and allow people to navigate

           👉     Think about quality content and not about the size of their list


      How She Runs Her Summits Differently

           ➡️     She runs her summits in-house

           ➡️     She hires a separate team to run her summits

           ➡️     She focuses a lot on the website

           ➡️     Thinks very clearly about user experience

           ➡️     She makes it creative

           ➡️     She created an option to upload the tracks/interview to their Google calendar or Outlook

           ➡️     It’s about engagement

           ➡️     She makes it tech savvy so the user experience is better

           ➡️     Creates lifelong relationship with her speakers

           ➡️     She records the bio, the intro and outro with the speaker live and present with her

           ➡️     Lets speakers pitch their package and upgrades and gives them the opportunity to chime in and talk about it



           ✔️     One way to navigate content

           ✔️     Makes it easy for the customer to 

           ✔️     It creates engagement

           ✔️     A great way to divide up your tracks is through multiple avatars


      Final Advice From Summer

           ❇️     Trust your gut

           ❇️     There are no rules

           ❇️     Everybody is trying different things all the time and you have to do what's authentic for you

           ❇️     You have to do what makes sense for your brain

           ❇️     Trust your thinking, trust yourself, because at the end of the day, you're the only one that's going to be standing there looking at yourself in the mirror

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        I want to end this episode by saying,


        "I believe in YOU & YOU can do this."


        Summits are by far one of the most powerful ways to quickly grow your list, launch your platform & make more money! (Even if you are just getting started).

        Don’t get caught up in Analysis paralysis, because the world needs to hear your message & there are people who are waiting for you to help them. 


        So just get started.  Imperfect action is always better than doing nothing!

        Thank you and see you on the next episode!



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