November 27, 2019


#090: How To Create Your Summit Home Video



Oh no big deal just the difference between complete and total victory success and utterly demoralizing failure.  That’s what hinders on you knowing this information about how to create your Summit Home Video.  So get ready because you are in for a treat!

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Dr. Mark T Wade went from brick & mortar to multi-million dollar online business using a strategy called the One-Day Summit.  Having created 6, 7 & Multi 7-figure businesses in the Brick & Mortar, Online (Education) Business, & Software As A Service space (Virtual Summits Software), Dr. Mark now helps entrepreneurs scale their online businesses with proven strategies such as the One-Day Summit Formula.

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The Summit Registration Page

          🔷     Determines if people will attend or opt in


The Summit Home Video

         ➡️     Most important aspect of the Summit Registration Page

         ➡️     Most important, yet most overlooked aspect of your summit

         ➡️     It’s one of the first 3 things your audience will and should see

         ➡️     The other two being the title and subtitle in most summit pages

         ➡️     It’s the best opportunity you have at creating a relationship with your audience

         ➡️     Videos are better for creating that know, like and trust

         ➡️     It is what is going to really introduce the topic and let the audience get a feel for you and what you are trying                    to help them with  

         ➡️    This is also your best opportunity to create emotion and motivate the audience to sign up for your summit

         ➡️     It caters to multiple different learning types

         ➡️     We have both audio and visual

         ➡️     It’s the best way to communicate complex or lengthy ideas


4 Types Of People Coming To Your Summit Page

          ❇️     The Excited Ones 

                   👉     Your crew

                   👉     Your tribe

                   👉     The yin to your yang

                   👉     Visitors who already know they want to sign up

                   👉     Your warm audience

                   👉     You don’t even need to convince them

                   👉     They would sign up whether you had a video or really anything on the page

                   👉     Make up typically 20 – 30% of the summit visitors

          ❇️     The Curious Ones

                   👉     They are interested but need more information before they are ready to commit.

                   👉     These types need the home video that is the extra push that is going to get them into the summit

          ❇️     The Skeptics

                   👉     They are the ones who either don’t believe the topic

                   👉     They think they already know the information and most likely think they know more or better than you                               do

                   👉     Skeptics are the ones who turn into the biggest raving fans

                   👉     They need a well-produced summit home video

                   👉     They need to see that you do know what you are talking about 

                   👉     They actually agree with the information you are presenting to them

          ❇️     The Never Gonna Get It 

                   👉     It doesn’t matter if you found the cure to hunger, they aren’t hitting the register button

                   👉     Most likely they accidentally ended up on the page clicked a wrong link or were looking for something                              else

                   👉     Typically less than 10% of summit visitors


Preparing To Create A Summit Home Video

          ✔️     Know your audience

                  🔵     You have to know their top problem

                  🔵     It needs to be clear

                  🔵     Common mistake is making the summit information about you or what you think they want

                  🔵     It needs to be about what their problem and pain point is

                  🔵     Should be one solid pain point with potentially a 2-4 supporting factors

          ✔️     Create a mission

                  🔵     Even if there really isn’t a mission your summit is about you need to make it sound like it

          ✔️     Create a story with a storyline

                  🔵     Needs to be clear

                  🔵     Start with where they are. What their pain point is, then the epiphany or how you found out how to                                     solve the problem, then future pacing on how the world can be once they have this same information

          ✔️     Strong call to action

                  🔵     It needs to be compelling

                  🔵     One thing only

                  🔵     Don’t have 2 or 3 different things you are asking

                  🔵     Mention it multiple times

         ✔️     Map it out

                  🔵     Outline it

                  🔵     Start with just bullet points and get an idea of each of these items

                  🔵     Don’t just wing it

                  🔵     Don’t try to throw it together in a few minutes

                  🔵     This is one of the most important things you will do for your summit


How To Map It Out

          ❇️     Start with the bullet points

          ❇️     Write out some rough drafts under each bullet point

          ❇️     Don’t worry about keeping it short, or concise or whether it fits or not

          ❇️     This is the brainstorming stage, let your creativity flow

          ❇️     Don’t worry about the order, you can rearrange later

          ❇️     After you get everything out of your brain and on the paper, leave

          ❇️     Leave the idea and information alone for at least a day or longer.

          ❇️     Let it sit

          ❇️     Then come back to it, re-read it from a critical perspective

          ❇️     After editing it with a critical eye, let someone else take a gander at it

                   👉     Someone you trust that will give you honest and transparent feedback

                   👉     Preferably someone in your industry that knows what you are talking about so they can give specific                                  feedback. 

          ❇️     Then actually listen

                   👉     Don’t just dismiss their feedback  

                   👉     Listen to it and update your draft accordingly

          ❇️     Edit it and update it again

          ❇️    Go through it but start thinking of it visually

                   👉     What images or videos or ideas would bring this text to life

                   👉     Write down more than one. The more the better

          ❇️     Go back at it again. Highlight chunks of text or words that are important and need to stand out 

                   👉     Things that really emphasize what you are trying to communicate

                   👉     Words that need to pop out and be heard

                   👉     These will be the text that gets put in the video alongside you to reemphasize what you are saying. 

          ❇️     Now do one last walk away and then a final edit

                   👉     Read it out loud

                   👉     Have someone read it out loud to you so you can sit and imagine what it will look like

          ❇️     If you are now in love with the final version it’s time to start production



          ➡️     Make your plans to film

                   🔷     Where are you going to record the video?  

                   🔷     Are you going to a film studio?

                   🔷     Are you doing it in your living room?

                   🔷     Are you going to a specific location to film?

          ➡️     Always plan to film at least twice if not more

                   🔷     The second recording is always better than your first

                   🔷     Make sure your environment is set up okay

          ➡️     Noise control

                   🔷     Secure everything, everything in its correct place

          ➡️     Test it



          ❇️     This is the easy part

          ❇️     Success is in the prep

          ❇️     It’s your time to shine


Post Production

          👉     This is where we edit out any mistakes

          👉     Add background images, rollovers, any special effects or images and b-roll


How The Summit Home Video Should Feel

          ✔️     It should be an extension of you

                  🔵     We are building a relationship and we want our audience to know us

                  🔵     Let your personality shine through and play into it

          ✔️     It needs to be entertaining

                  🔵     Elicits emotion

                  🔵     It doesn’t have to be funny, but it has to make us feel something

           ✔️     It needs to be educational, but not overly

                  🔵     Don’t go through every single aspect of the summit here

                  🔵     Focus on highlighting the problem, teasing the solution and eliciting emotion

          ✔️     It needs to motivate us to take action

                  🔵     We need to be compelled to register for that summit

                  🔵     Strong call to action is needed


Home Video Components

          ➡️     Hook

                   🔷     You have to immediately hook your audience or they are gone

                   🔷     Something strong and compelling that creates curiosity or intrigue to learn more

          ➡️     State the problem

                   🔷     This is their problem

                   🔷     It needs to be clear and in their words

                   🔷     Any supporting facts or contributing factors can be briefly addressed here

                   🔷     2 – 4, not everything

          ➡️    Call To Action

                   🔷     One specific and strong call to action

          ➡️     Credibility

                   🔷     This is not your bio and not all about you

                   🔷     If you are going to say who you are, this is where you do it

                   🔷     Credibility is about the topic at hand

          ➡️     Story

                   🔷     Tell a story

                   🔷     Create emotion

                   🔷     Elicit feelings

          ➡️     Benefits

                   🔷     Not features

                   🔷     Benefits of attending the summit

                   🔷     What they will get out of it

                   🔷     This is what your attendee will get out of registering for the summit

          ➡️     Another direct call to action

          ➡️     Social proof

                   🔷     Testimony

                   🔷     Short speaker clips

                   🔷     Anything that adds proof to the value of this summit and topic

          ➡️     Create urgency

                   🔷     Push hard to motivate them to sign up and attend

                   🔷     Incorporated in the urgency is the final call to action


Additional Notes On Summit Home Video

          ❇️     Shorter is always better

          ❇️     No longer than 7 minutes

          ❇️     Over 7 minutes and you will lose your audience

          ❇️     Ideally, keep it to 5 minutes or less


Final Takeaways And Things NOT To Do

          👉     Always think about this from the eyes of your audience

                   🔷     You are creating this for them

                   🔷     It needs to be 100% about them and not you!

          👉     You should change something in the video every 3-7 seconds

                   🔷     This is a tactic in the film industry

                   🔷     They change the scene every 3- 7 seconds to keep the attention of their audience

          👉     You need to bring the energy here

                   🔷     This can’t be low energy or boring

          👉     Visuals are super important

                   🔷     The thumbnail is also important

                   🔷     It needs to entice your audience to click on the image

          👉     Quality video and audio are very important

                   🔷     You don’t need to spend $10,000 bucks on a professional video shoot

                   🔷     Whatever you can do to make it more professional the better

          👉     Get help

                   🔷     Don’t try to do this all on your own.

                   🔷     This is one of the most important aspects of your summit

                   🔷     Don’t wing it

                   🔷     You are not a professional film producer, an audio technician or a video editor, don’t try to be

                   🔷     Get help to make sure your summit home video is excellent

          👉     Plan to use this as a promotional video

                   🔷     After you film the video, do a few more clips that can be interchanged with the calls to action so that                                  you can use it on social or for speakers  

          👉     Don’t just be a talking head

                   🔷     No one wants to watch that

                   🔷     You need to add some special effects in there

                   🔷     Don’t be long and don’t be boring

          👉     This is not about you

                   🔷     Always make it about the audience

                   🔷     Don’t use big chunks of text and don’t just wing this

                   🔷     Map it out




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Dr. Mark T Wade went from brick & mortar to multi-million dollar online business using a strategy called the "One-Day Summit".
Having created 6, 7 & Multi 7-figure businesses in the Brick & Mortar, Online (Education) Business, & Software As A Service space (Virtual Summits Software), Dr. Mark now helps entrepreneurs scale their online businesses with proven strategies such as the One-Day Summit Formula. 



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