July 1, 2019


#030: Summit Communication Sequences Mapped Out



Ready to nail down the perfect summit email communication sequence? Don’t guess at it, just take my exact formula and implement it into your summit, plus the most important aspects to avoid when building out your campaigns.  All that and more in today’s episode on the Virtual Summit Podcast. 


The Most Important Aspect

  ➡️ The bottom line is the communication needs to be specific to your summit and needs to be your voice


  ➡️  Copying a template and just using a generic form is not going to improve your results.  


  ➡️  Sending out communication that sounds like you, and is specific to your topic & summit will dramatically increase the success of your summit

Length of the Email

Long copy versus short copy. 


  👍  Honestly I have seen both works very well. I have seen long copy perform great on one summit and then turn around and see short form copy do just as well on another summit. (In the same industries). 


  👍  when it comes to length of copy, I would say it’s probably better to go with short form IF you don’t actually have a preferred writing style.  I typically always say to err on the side of being short rather than long.

How Many Emails To Write

  💡  From an overall standpoint from 7-10 days out from your summit through the summit and 3 – 4 days after you should be sending at least one email a day. 


  💡  On important days, which we will discuss, you will be sending 2 – 3 emails a day. 


  💡  But at least during the main part of your summit you want to be emailing them every day. 

The Most Important Aspect Of The Email

  👉  The most important aspect of your email is by far hands down your subject line.  


  👉  If your subject line is not compelling, intriguing or generates curiosity then it won’t get opened and nothing else matters.  So always always always put a majority of your effort into the subject line.  


  👉  The next most important aspect is the link text.  Is it compelling or curiosity generating enough to garnish a click? 


  👉  So it’s subject line, and Link Text, and then a title/highlighted text in the email that are the main points. 


  👉  Also try to keep the email as “conversational” as possible.  Meaning it doesn’t sound like a mass automated email.  

Pro Tip

  ➡️  When writing email copy for summits, I am not thinking about the whole summit or everyone in the summit. 


  ➡️  I am thinking about that one original avatar that I choose to base my summit around.

➡️  I am writing the email to that one person.  I may even put their name in the original draft.  When you think about it as if you are writing it to a specific person & maybe even someone you already have a relationship with you will improve your copy success dramatically.

13 Psychological Triggers

  • Trigger 1: Rule of reciprocity - this is where you give value to get value.
  • Trigger 2: Social conformity - this is following what the influencers are doing.
  • Trigger 3:  Ben Franklin Effectthis trigger happens when we do a favor for someone, psychologically we justify from a mental aspect that we must like the person we are doing the favor for.
  • Trigger 4: Social Influence.  This is simply using testimonies or showing social proof that others believe in or support you increase the likelihood that the audience will believe in you and support you. 
  • Trigger 5: Loss Aversion - this is super common, this is the fear of missing out.
  • Trigger 6: Framing Effect - this is from a perspective stand point we value negative more than positive, meaning we value loss at a higher emotional level than we value gain.
  • Trigger 7: Foot In Door Method – is simply one small step leads to another.
  • Trigger 8: Mere Exposure Effect – this is using repetition in a small amount of time increases our relationship level.
  • Trigger 9: Surprise & Delight.  These increases know like & trust, by doing something that was unexpected but wanted increases the relationship.
  • Trigger 10: Social Support – this has to do with trust.  The more you can help your audience know & believe that you are not going to abandon them, and you will be there for them the higher the level of trust you will have. 
  • Trigger 11: Decoy Effect. This is about your offer, when you have three options, one being a lower priced option, and then if you make the other two options the exact same price (higher than the first) but equal to each other, and simply add a special extra offering or bonus in the third price point, it increases the number of sales for the higher priced item.
  • Trigger 12: Comparative Compound – this is we always compare ourselves to our peers.  Like the jones effect.
  • Trigger 13 this is Paint The Picture – Russell Brunson does this extremely well.  Paint what the world will look like if they have what you are offering.

Communication Sequences For A Virtual Summit

  1. Forward Facing (indoctrination)

  2. Count Down (Early Bird)

  3. Summit Live

  4. Bonus (Encore) 

  5. Post Summit (Last Chance)

  6. The Turn

  7. (Ever-Summit)



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I want to end this episode by saying,


"I believe in YOU & YOU can do this."


Summits are by far one of the most powerful ways to quickly grow your list, launch your platform & make more money! (Even if you are just getting started).

Don’t get caught up in Analysis paralysis, because the world needs to hear your message & there are people who are waiting for you to help them. 


So just get started.  Imperfect action is always better than doing nothing!

Thank you and see you on the next episode!



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