May 15, 2019


#006: Introducing The One-Day Summit

#006 Introducing The One-Day Summit

I’m going to show you How To Successfully Launch Your Online Biz In One Day… Even If You Have No Audience and No Budget To Start that and more into day’s episode of the Virtual Summit Podcast


Introduction To Dr. Mark T Wade

   ✅  I am the Founder of Virtual Summits Software & Creator of the One-Day Summit formula. 

   ✅  I am a Postural Neurologist with 2 doctorates & 50 + certifications who walked away from his clinic because he saw an opportunity to help the world. 

   ✅  Virtual Summits are the best way to quickly grow your list, launch your platform and make more money.

   ✅  Virtual Summits create a positive change in the world.


Every summit that is launched helps hundreds if not thousands of people who are suffering gain access to the solutions of their problems from some of the worlds brightest minds, whom they may have never had access to.


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What Is The One Day Summit Formula

   👉  An entrepreneurs proven formula to quickly grow your list, launch your platform and make more money (even if you are just getting started).

   👉  It’s a one day pre-recorded event that very specifically solves an acute problem in a very short amount of time while building a relationship with new subscribers.

   👉  Typically 5 – 16 speakers over the course of a single day (although it does not have to be a day in length and can  be as short as a few hours). 

   👉  Similar to a series of very short masterclasses



Get my One-Day Summit Formula PDF & Strategy Guide at:




How Is A One Day Summit (ODS) Different

   ✅  The amount of time.  

   ✅  It's purpose is to solve a problem and build a relationship with a cold audience, therefore, overcoming the issue of attention span.  

   ✅  Much less work and risk

   ✅  Can be created in as little as 30 – 60 days.  It has less speakers, less moving parts, less overall items that need to be created.  

   ✅  Doing a one-day summit will give you the experience you need to successfully tackle a full multi-day summit.

   ✅  You can be strategic and tackle specific issues to attract qualified & engaged leads instead of being general & generic.

   ✅  Much more personalized experience to those leads.

   ✅  Becomes the beginning of your customer journey as you solve a problem and build a relationship.


History On The One Day Summit Formula & How It Was Invented


   📜  I wanted to help more patients as a healthcare professional.  I had tried everything, webinars, lead magnets, you name it I tried it and I was failing at all of it. 

   📜 Just as I was beginning to get discouraged, I heard by buddy Pat Flynn on a podcast interviewing someone about virtual summits.  As soon as I heard it I was like this is exactly what I am trying to do.  I want to help the world, solve their problems and reach more people.

   📜 So I set out to try and create a summit, however I was just getting started so I didn’t have any influence, authority, very few connections and very limited resources. 

   📜  In the end, I was only able to get 9 speakers total, and two of them were me and my business partner, but I said whatever let’s go forward anyways, and just make it one day instead of 7.


***This was back around 2016 I believe.  Now at the time I didn’t realize I was creating anything special, I was just doing what all entrepreneurs do and that was being resourceful.


   📜  That  One-Day Summit was the jump start to my whole business.

   📜  We ultimately turned that summit into a certification which became our first million dollar certification. 

   📜  From there we stemmed off into several other certifications and within 18 months had a multi-million dollar online business.

   📜  We alternated between one day and multi-day summits.

   📜  I started teaching others how to do a One-Day Summit & poof.  It was an instant success. 

   📜  Over the years I’ve perfected the information & the formula & even created an online training program called the One-Day Summit Formula Training Program which has been a huge success. 

   📜  Now One-Day Summits are being implemented all over by new & seasoned entrepreneurs because of the simplicity, versatility & effectiveness.


It’s kind of like a proud father moment to see something you’ve created spread throughout and help so many people.


What Are The Benefits & Why Run One

   ➕  Quick & easy to run

   ➕  Generate a good list of engaged & qualified subscribers. 

   ➕  It’s a self-liquidating offer.  Meaning the summit will pay for itself. 

   ➕  It is the perfect way to prime any additional promotion or campaign you have coming up. 




Setting Up Your One-Day Summit Strategy


Theme & Topic

  ✔️  This is the most important part!

  ✔️  The more specific you go the more success you will have.  

  ✔️  You will generate more qualified & engaged leads that will be ready to go further on the customer journey with you.

  ✔️  We think if we go generic we will attract more people, but they won’t be qualified and most won’t actually opt in.  

For Example: If I talk about online marketing, yes that is valuable to a lot of people but most people are searching or even know what they need or want in the topic of online marketing. But, if I did something specifically on email conversion or many chat opt in sequences that is so much more targeted.  So the people who are acutely searching for that solution will be quick to opt in and go further. 



  👉  Main Category.  What do you do or what do you identify as, either one. 

  👉  Sub Category.  Under what you do there are several things. 

       👉 Marketing:  Facebook Ads, Google Ads, email marketing,etc.  Pick One.  (This is specifically for this summit, not what you are going to be limited to forever). 

       👉 Specialty:  Under that Sub Category there are specialities.  With Facebook ads, for example there is Lead gen, retargeting, custom audiences or chat bots, etc.  Pick one specialty. 

  👉  Now with that specialty pick a niche and get specific.  Who are you going to be targeting?  Dentists?  Chiros?  Attorneys?  Stay at Home moms?  Depends on your topic obviously but get specific. 


Knowing Your Avatar

  👉  So you really need to know who that avatar is. 

  👉  Determine their number one biggest problem. 

  👉  What are they acutely searching for?  
  👉  If you don’t know or can’t decide write out three problems they have.  Sometimes it’s easier to do this, then choose one.  Or do a poll or survey to your list or a Facebook group. 

  👉  The more acute or painful the problem, the higher the conversions will be and the more likely they will progress through the customer journey.  Your title is going to be based around or on this specific problem. 

  👉  Don’t worry about getting fancy or making it sound sexy.  Stick to the pain point & be clear what it is and that it will be solved.



Solutions/Sessions For Your Summit

  👉  Take the main problem that you are basing your summit around and list out the top most important solutions or information that your attendees need to know or learn in order to solve this problem. 

  👉  List these solutions out. 

  👉  These solutions are your summit sessions.  You can either teach them yourself and not use any speakers.  Or you can find speakers to participate who can teach on each of those topics.

  👉  Being super specific like this increases your chances of getting high level speakers to participate.  If it’s in their zone of genius it increases their likelihood of saying yes to speaking on your summit.





The Stages Of A One Day Summit


  ➡️  Pre-Summit - includes the registration page for people to opt in for your one-day summit.  Then the Thank You & Upsell Page.  At this point you would start The Forward Facing & The Early Bird Email Campaigns.  We’ll clarify these later.

  ➡️  Summit Live - includes the Summit Live page which has your summit home page, the speaker pages, the bonus  pages, sponsors, & resources.

The email campaigns here are your summit live sequence & bonus day sequence

  ➡️  Bonus Day - Optional 

  ➡️  Last Chance - Reminding your attendees that the summit is about to close, creating an urgency to upgrade to a paid all access.

  ➡️  Post Summit -mainly the email campaign sequence to get your attendees to upgrade from the free access to one of the paid levels giving them ongoing access to the summit. 

  ➡️  The Turnthe next step going into the next promotion or campaign you have aligned.  This is where the customer journey continues & the monetization phases begin. You should always have a next campaign primed.  Most often you would build your one-day summit in alignment with a campaign or promotion you already have, and we’ll discuss this further later in the episode.

  ➡️  Ever-Summit Protocol- how you set your summit to run on going forever to be the beginning of your customer journey.  The Virtual Summits Software has the Ever-Summit Feature to make this happen with one click of a button



Get my One-Day Summit Formula PDF & Strategy Guide at





Email Sequences

This can be as complex and complicated or as simple as you want it.  I've seen complex email campaign strategies crush it, and others bomb.  It really comes down to how specific & direct you can be with who you are talking to.  That goes back to knowing the problem and who you are serving.

I’ve seen short email sequences perform just a swell, remembering that attention span is the elephant in the room.


We go through these in a lot of detail in my One-Day Summit Formula program, but we can get into the important aspects of it here.   There are 5 specific sequences that you should have in your One-Day Summit.


The 5 Email Sequences are:


  📧  Forward Facing - will start at the initiation of the attendees registration.  This is the indoctrination campaign.  This sequence has one purpose and that is to connect with your audience.  To make them aware of the mission you are on, who & how you serve & to get them inspired to join you on that journey.  This campaign can be anywhere from 4 – 10 or even more emails.  Because it doesn’t matter when they get them because they are not specific to your summit.  It’s all about the mission.


  📧  Count Down Sequence - Can also be called the early bird sequence also starts once the attendee registers.   This is specific to the summit.  It gives them the information they need to be successful with the summit.  It lets them know who is going to be on the summit and any information they need to prepare. 

It also can include your early bird sales offer that urges your attendees to take advantage of the purchase opportunity.   It can be anywhere from 3 – 7 emails usually, or longer depending on how early you begin promoting your summit.


  📧  Summit Live Sequence - is typically three emails that go out while the summit is live.  The first is to let the attendees know the summit has started.  The second lets them know the second session is starting & to urge them to upgrade and purchase.  The final email goes out a few hours before it ends letting them know it is wrapping up and increasing urgency to upgrade and purchase.


  📧  Last Chance Sequence - includes 2 – 4 days of emails twice or three times a day depending on your preference which is all urgency getting the attendees to upgrade & purchase


  📧  The Turn - is the transition between the summit into the next email sequence which starts your next promotion. 




Plug & Play Strategies

The one-day summit is a perfect strategy for increasing the results of most promotions and campaigns in your business.  We have created 10 specific frameworks that I and the entrepreneurs I work with most commonly use in our businesses. 


The Plug & Play Frameworks are:
1. List Builder

2. Monetization (Premium)

3. Membership Priming

4. Product Launch Priming

5. Affiliate Promotion Strategy

6. Live Event Recruitment

7. Physical Product Selling

8. Fill Your Mastermind
9. Book Launch

10. Brick & Mortar Business


The one day summit can be used to drastically increase the results for each of these. 



Example of utilizing the Plug & Play Framework: 

  👉  I was asked to support a launch with a friend of mine in a niche I didn’t have any influence or even a list for.  I asked him what problem does his program solve for the audience. 

  👉  I then created a one-day summit solving that problem. 

  👉  I brought on 13 expert speakers on that topic and in that industry. 

  👉  Tapped into their audiences & built a small list of about 3,000 emails. 

  👉  I turned around 3 weeks later and offered my friends program through his program launch. 

  👉  I took 5th place in the affiliate sales contest out of 150 of the worlds top online marketers & influencers. Many whom had lists of 100s of thousands and ad spends of 10s of thousands.  I had  a smaller list and almost no ad spend and still was able to out perform because I used the Affiliate Promotion Plug & Play Framework with a One-Day Summit.


You can get access to these plug and play frameworks in the show notes at


This is going to wrap up this episode on the One-Day Summit & getting started.  I am a huge fan of the One-Day Summit.  Of course I still run plenty of Multi-Day Summits in my businesses every year, but when it comes to efficiency and ease of use there is no better strategy than the One-Day Summit Formula. 


If you are a newer entrepreneur or haven’t run any summits before, or are looking for something you can add super quick & easy to get some results right away, then this is it! 


You can get started & take this even further with my  - One-Day Summit Starter Guide – over in the show notes at





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 How To Get In Touch

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  ✔️  If you have questions send them to me.  (I’ll start doing a special Q&A monthly episode)

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Resources Just For You

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            ✔️Plug & Play,

            ✔️Free Trial Virtual Summits Software



“I believe in you & You can do this." 


Summits are by far one of the most powerful ways to quickly grow your list, launch your platform, make more money & most important make an impact in the world for good! (Even if you are just getting started).

Don’t get caught up in Analysis paralysis, because the world needs to hear your message & there are people who are waiting for you to help them. 


So just get started.  Imperfect action is always better than doing nothing!

Thank you & see you on the next episode!

Dr. Mark T Wade went from brick & mortar to multi-million dollar online business using a strategy called the "One-Day Summit".
Having created 6, 7 & Multi 7-figure businesses in the Brick & Mortar, Online (Education) Business, & Software As A Service space (Virtual Summits Software), Dr. Mark now helps entrepreneurs scale their online businesses with proven strategies such as the One-Day Summit Formula. 

Table of Contents    

 What is the one-day summit formula?

One day summit formula’s history and how it was invented

What are the benefits?

Theme and topic selection for the summit

  • What do you do or what do you identify?
  • Sub-category
  • Specialty
  • Specific Target Audience
  • Who are your avatars?
  • Specific Problem
  • Listing the most important solution the audience need to know
  • List out the speakers that has the gene of genius related to the problem presented

How to structure the one day summit and its actual components

  • Stages

Email Campaigns

  • 5 email sequences

What you can do with the one-day summit

  • Dr. Mark’s plug-and-play framework


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